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Limb PHP Framework development roadmap

Limb3 2010.2

  • Использование новых возможностей и типов данных PHP 5.3 [?]
  • Единая точка входа для taskman-скриптов limb.php [done in 2010.1]
  • CMS
    • Выделение в отдельный проект
  • DBAL
    • рефакторинг (убрать дублирование в драйверах через наследование)
    • единая ответственность классов для всех драйверов (см. конструкторы lmbMysqlRecordSet и lmbPgsqlRecordSet)
    • работа с большими числами
    • работа с master-slave реплицированными базами
    • множественные валидаторы
    • версионность данных
    • проброс всех возможностей для запросов на связи (например, raw_order в many-to-many)
  • CRON:
    • CLI и WEB панель для просмотра результатов
    • переписать lmbCronJobRunner на использование пакета TASKMAN
    • секции панели и провайдеры через конфиг
    • поддержка PHPUnit

Limb3-2010.1 (?)

Mid of 2010 ?

  • ACTIVE_RECORD package
    • lmbActiveRecord initial eager fetching support for related objects (done)
    • lmbActiveRecord schema definition and automatic setup (done)
    • initial support for transparent lmbActiveRecord proxy objects (done)
  • DBAL package
    • package support for Linter database driver (done)
    • package Postgres and Oracle driver fixes (1/2 done)
    • package smart handling of complex queries(e.g using UNIONs) in recordsets
  • TESTS_RUNNER package
    • migration to SimpleTest 1.0.1(or higher) (done)
  • MAIL package
    • phpmailer upgraded to 2.2.1 (done)
  • TOOLKIT package
    • refactoring and speed optimization (done)
  • $_ENV instead of constants (done)
  • Proper usage of class typehints

Limb3-2007.4 (Frozzy)

31 December 2007

  • ACTIVE_RECORD package better error and invalid fields handling using exceptions, support for different names of primary keys added(done)
  • CORE package cruft cleanup, refactoring and misc. code optimizations(done)
  • CACHE package cleanup and better implementation, added initial APC and Memcached support(done)
  • DATETIME package refactoring, renaming lmbDate into lmbDateTime, etc(done)
  • MACRO alternative to WACT templating engine added with almost all WACT alike functionality(done)
  • IMAGEKIT package complete redesign using filters and fluent interfaces(done)
  • TESTS_RUNNER test groups and methods filters, better coverage support(done)
  • JS package upgraded jQuery to 1.2.1(done)
  • MAIL package upgraded phpmailer to 1.73(done)
  • WEB_APP package major cleanup: removed all commands and obsolete controllers(done)
  • VIEW package support for view selection based on template extension added(currently MACRO and WACT)(done)
  • TREE package ArrayAccess and ArrayIterator compatibility fixes(done)
  • FS package more generic iterators added(done)

Limb3-2007.3 (Grassler)

11 July 2007

  • PHP-5.2 compatibility (done)
  • lmbActiveRecord better inheritance and value objects support (done)
  • DATASOURCE package cruft cleanup and unification (done)
  • merge of DATASOURCE and CLASSKIT packages into CORE package (done)
  • new FS package(merging FILE_SCHEMA and UTIL packages) (done)
  • new LOG package(extracted from ERROR package) (done)
  • TREE package code overhaul and new features(nested sets driver is available again) (done)
  • more friendly error subsystem (done)
  • form errors better implementation (done)
  • TESTS_RUNNER improved CLI and phpSpikesCoverage support (done)
  • LIMB_VAR_DIR dependency removal from base classes (done)
  • reimplementation of CALENDAR package using better JavaScript alternative (done)
  • DATETIME package cleanup and misc improvements (done)
  • initial TinyMC support in WYSIWYG package (done)
  • FCKEditor updated to 2.4.2 (done)
  • WACT better expressions support (done)
  • SQLite DB driver (done)
  • DBAL package refactoring and cleanup, lmbDBAL is a central facade for accessing mis. tools in a package (done)
  • JS package cleanup, moving to jQuery instead of Prototype (done)
  • more isolated packages tests (done)

Limb3-2007.2 (Snowbreak)

2 April 2007 (unofficial release)

  • Limb3 CLI universal runner (done)
  • Total rewrite of I18N translations subsystem (done)
  • Limb3 skeleton application(LIMB_APP) (done)
  • Optional WACT templates strict mode(all tags should be balanced) (done)
  • More robust CLI unit tests runner in TESTS_RUNNER package (done)
  • Updating FCKEditor to 2.4 in WYSIWYG (done)
  • Filter chains can be intercepting filters (done)
  • Inheritance and interfaces emulation in JavaScript (done)
  • Better uploaded files support in NET package (done)
  • Remove required DBAL and ACTIVE_RECORD dependencies from WEB_APP package (done)
  • Better application integration testing tools in WEB_APP (done)
  • WEB_APP basic support for running web applications in sub-domains (done)
  • Unification of CONF package (done)
  • More robust toolkit implementation (done)


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